learning by playing

Grammar you can touch and see

We offer an innovative learning concept based on the latest didactic findings by making grammar learning effective and motivating. Play with grammar bricks and solve challenging exercises as fast as possible to keep setting new high scores.

We think learning should be fun

Save up to 80% of your time and money using the patented teaching tool. Learn German grammar faster, easier and joyful simply by playing games on your smartphone.


Grammar bricks does not feel like school at all. But you learn more!


Each game usually takes 1-3 minutes only. Play on the train, in the bathtub or on the beach. It’s up to you!


Scientifically proven: you will learn up to 80% faster than with old school learning techniques.

what do the users say?

Since it is important for us to keep improving the app, we are always in contact with our users.



„I found a language learning app that combines creativity and learning success with grammar bricks.“

Mika, 25


„With grammar bricks I can learn German in a playful way and challenge myself again and again.“



„Work and language learning? With grammar bricks it is easy, efficient and fun.“

IRA, 21


„Select grammar topic and word field and then I repeat what I learned in class.“

About us

We have set ourselves the goal of creating a digital game-based learning environment that makes language learning child’s play, because humans as „homo ludens“ have always learned through play.


Through her knowledge and experience in marketing and sales, Gabi contributes to the success of the grammar bricks idea.

DR. David

David developed the concept. As a German as foreign language teacher, it is important to him to make language learning fun for the learners.


Olli is our app developer. With his meticulous work, he turns grammar bricks into a playful and exciting app.


Janek takes care of the design of the app. His feeling for the look of grammar bricks breathes life into the app.


Mike gives our character Tako an incredibly gentle and sympathetic voice. Easy to fall in love with.


Without music, the app would lack the final important detail. Sebastian provides the smooth sound it needs.

Be there at the launch

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This project is supported by the Innovation Programme for Business Models and Pioneering Solutions (IGP) in the field of education and information access, with a special focus on „social impact“.

We are climate neutral! To offset our CO₂ footprint, we finance the development and expansion of renewable energies in developing countries. Thanks to atmosfair, these projects are made possible together with local partners.